The Great Mother is Calling for 
Sacred Balance...
It is Time.

The “1000 Goddesses Gathering Global

Grid”, was thrilled to organize the

 “Sacred Balance Global Grid”.  

On March 20, 2022, multiple ceremonies of women and men gathered around the world, creating a powerful Unified Field of healing.

The purpose of this Global Grid was to invite

the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine to come forward in Balance – to help usher in

the New Earth.

Mother Gaia and the Family of One in the

Omni-Cosmic realms specifically

requested that we create this Unified Field. This Spiritual Call came through Gaia Mystic & High Priestess, Mare Cromwell.

The Sacred Balance Global Grid

built on the great success of the 

1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid of 2021 when more than 175 ceremonies were held in 28 nations across the globe.

31 Nations, 116 Registered &/or Reported Ceremonies

Countless other Ceremonies in the Unified Field

Mare Cromwell, Visionary and Co-Webweaver of the Sacred Balance Global Grid, and Jim "White Spirit Bear" Petruzzi, President of Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother, discuss the significance of the Sacred Balance Global Grid.


We welcome all support for this type of  powerful Unified Field organized by Mare Cromwell. Your DONATION  helps to support all of our time and energy in coordinating this level of Unified Field of Healing along with other Global Grids for

Mother Gaia.


All drumming circles were invited to join in ceremony in the Unified Field to help ground the energies to the Heart of Mother Gaia, so they could powerfully ripple throughout our Sacred Earth!

And the Drumming Trolls around the planet (yes, they exist!) invited all the ceremonies with drumming to invite them to join in so they can raise the healing vibrations even more! Learn More.



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