Chantal Elzinga is a student of the Great Mother Love Way and Keeper of the Earth who patiently practices the Art of Being. In 2016, a deep soul longing to truly be Free, led her to her first plant medicine ceremony. In the 4 years that followed, she worked intensively with plant medicine by also assisting in many ceremonies. It was in this setting that she discovered and developed her gift to transform,activate and anchor energies through movement and sound. She dances for Freedom and the Sacred Union of the Masculine and Feminine; building bridges and sowing seeds to create a more love-filled world.She has a close personal connection with Mary Magdalene, Unicorns and Dragons, who infuse her work with the energies of childlike innocence, purity, wonderment, love and magic. Chantal is based in Friesland, Netherlands.



Cornelis Jan Cuperus is a Dutch Nature Spirit Mystic, Wizard, Healer, & Herbalist. He was born with the extraordinary gift of communicating and seeing Nature Spirits. From a young child on, he has spent extensive time outside in wild areas and his gardens where these powerful beings have been his teachers. He has surrendered to serve them, and their presence and wisdom are woven into his classes, healings, books and other writings—in truth, his daily life. Cornelis Jan’s Nature Spirit teams include some of the overarching ones on our planet, a most humbling set of connections.

​He leads his classes, workshops and other activities while living at and co-managing a wildlife rescue center in the far north of the Netherlands on the Frisian coast called de Fûgelpits. Caring for the injured animals there (many of whom are released) in the company of the resident elves, gnomes and more — along with the human staff, deepens his tremendous love for the Sacred Web of Life both Seen and Unseen even more.


Lisa Mullions MPBS ACC is a certified Ceremonialist, The Map of Meaning global practitioner and an International Coach Federation credentialed coach and trainer. Lisa is a seer, clairsentient, healer and weaver in the dimensional work of the heart and spirit.

Lisa initiated the first 1000 Goddesses event in 2019 in Auckland, Aotearoa, New Zealand and brought this event together with a team of eleven powerful local Women. This diverse team of Maiden Mother and Wise Eldress Crone, soul expressions of the Sacred Feminine were Healers, Light Workers, Medicine Women, Shamanic Embodied Priestesses, all sovereign in their spiritual knowing, wisdom, love, strength, and compassion. Together in a ceremony with beautiful Goddess and indigenous ritual practices, this collective activated the Global Oneness Grid anchoring Light at the centre of the Valerie Lagorio Labyrinth on the church grounds in Auckland. In 2020, Lisa co-created a powerful ceremony of kotahitanga/unity co-creating with a collective of men and women who were deep in the sacred union work of the divine feminine and the divine masculine. In 2021, the 1000 Goddesses collective in Aotearoa created a great ceremony called  “The Creatrix Re-turn activating the birth story of this new age."