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Why Ceremony? 

When we do ceremony from our hearts, it is an auspicious phenomenon. We are calling on Spiritual Beings (such as Archangel Michael, Mother Mary, Mother Gaia) to infuse our ceremony with their divine presences, to make it more powerful. These Spiritual Beings activate our ceremonies with their significant spiritual energy.


We as physical beings are the conduits of this energy: we are the ground crew who are doing the work invoking these beautiful ones and anchoring their energy into our Sacred Earth. This is especially powerful when we are connected to Mother Gaia’s Heart.


In ceremony, it is important that our intentions be that everything we do supports the Highest Good for Mother’s Divine Plan Alignment – and honors the Sacredness of All. Ceremony done in a good, humble way from the heart truly raises the Luminous Love energetics of the area where we live and this supports everyone.


When we do a Global Grid of Ceremonies, the ceremonies become linked spiritually and this holds the entire planet in more Luminous Love. 


Once we reach full ascension here on Earth, it will ripple out into the entire Universe. We are the Seed Planet for Ascension of the Universe at this time. Hence there are many, many teams of Angelic ones and other spiritual beings (from other planets and more) who are keen for us to call on them in ceremony so they can support us quite proactively.




Diana Melchizedek with her husband Michael leading the Divine Masculine Knighting Ceremony on the Washington Mall, October, 2018.

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